The Pediatric Lounge, Where Pediatric Physicians Come to Share Their Stories and Success

130 Pediatric Moonshot

March 05, 2024 Dr. George Rogu, MD, MBA and Dr. Herb Bravo Season 2 Episode 54
The Pediatric Lounge, Where Pediatric Physicians Come to Share Their Stories and Success
130 Pediatric Moonshot
Show Notes

Pediatric Moonshot: The Role of AI and Cloud Computing in Transforming Pediatric Care

The podcast features an insightful conversation with Dr. Rogu, Dr. Bravo,  Dr. Sabrina, Dr. Anthony Chang, a distinguished pediatric cardiologist and AI expert, and Dr. Timothy Chou, a pioneer in cloud computing. They discuss their project, Pediatric Moonshot, and its implications for improving children's health outcomes globally. The Pediatric Moonshot envisions applying AI and cloud computing to improve diagnostics, allowing for quicker, more accurate diagnoses for children worldwide. The team shares their journey of their converging paths to work on this project. They discuss the immense potential AI and cloud computing hold in healthcare, underscoring the need for further adoption and education among clinicians. They emphasize the importance of the project in providing access to quality care to children in rural and inaccessible parts of the world.

00:00 Introduction to the Pediatric Moonshot Podcast

01:07 Guests' Journey to the Pediatric Moonshot

02:10 Dr. Chang's Journey into AI and Healthcare

04:34 Dr. Chow's Introduction to Pediatric Medicine

08:15 The Genesis of the Pediatric Moonshot

09:12 The Challenges of Current Medical Record Systems

09:59 The Vision for Medicine at the Speed of Thought

10:55 The Technology Behind the Pediatric Moonshot

22:03 The Importance of Large, Curated Data Sets

25:10 Funding and Future of the Pediatric Moonshot

28:35 Overcoming Resistance in Data Sharing

29:04 The Importance of Funding in Healthcare Infrastructure

30:14 The Role of Corporations in Healthcare Funding

30:53 The Impact of Radiology in Modern Medicine

31:32 Challenges and Opportunities in Machine Learning

32:45 The Potential of Bedside Ultrasound

34:25 The Future of Healthcare with AI

35:55 The Role of AI in Improving Diagnostic Accuracy

46:08 The Importance of Education in AI Adoption

46:49 The Potential Pitfalls and Benefits of AI in Healthcare

50:25 The Future of AI in Healthcare

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