The Pediatric Lounge, Where Pediatric Physicians Come to Share Their Stories and Success

126 Negotiating with Healthcare Companies, Tales from the other side of the table.

February 08, 2024 Dr. George Rogu, MD, MBA and Dr. Herb Bravo Season 2 Episode 50
The Pediatric Lounge, Where Pediatric Physicians Come to Share Their Stories and Success
126 Negotiating with Healthcare Companies, Tales from the other side of the table.
Show Notes

Pediatric Business Dynamics and Negotiation Strategies in Healthcare

This insightful podcast dives into the intricacies of pediatric business development and managed care negotiations, featuring experts Jeff Pogany , Dr. Rogu, and Dr. Bravo. Discussing challenges in contract negotiations with insurance companies. Topics such as leveraging data, relationship building with Managed Care Organizations, understanding the market dynamics, and the importance of multi-year contracts are laid out.

00:00 Introduction to Pediatric Executive Development System (PEDS)
00:42 Guest Introduction: Jeff Padgeny
02:05 Understanding Managed Care Negotiations
02:42 The Importance of Knowing Your Numbers
03:35 The Role of Value in Negotiations
09:06 The Impact of Contract Age on Negotiations
12:21 The Importance of Regular Contract Review
15:17 The Role of Data in Contract Negotiations
21:18 Understanding the Importance of Revenue Cycle
25:32 The Role of Emotion in Contract Negotiations
29:08 The Importance of Strategic Planning in Contract Negotiations
32:04 Understanding the Importance of Patient Engagement in Contract Negotiations
35:32 The Role of Technology in Contract Negotiations
39:19 Understanding the Importance of Market Knowledge in Contract Negotiations
42:37 The Importance of Building Relationships in Contract Negotiations
52:47 The Role of Patience in Contract Negotiations
52:48 The Art of Negotiation: Understanding the Process
53:06 The Power of Persistence: Growing Your Practice
53:20 The Key to Success: Building Relationships
53:44 The Importance of Follow-ups: Maintaining Connections
55:10 The Art of Closing: Knowing When to Seal the Deal
56:03 The Role of Emotion in Negotiation: Keeping a Clear Head
57:15 The Long Game: Planning for Future Negotiations
58:27 The Importance of Patience: Navigating the Negotiation Process
59:30 The Power of Influence: Understanding the Decision-Making Process
01:01:15 The Reality of Negotiation: Dealing with Challenges
01:03:14 The Importance of Understanding Contract Language
01:03:45 The Value of Pediatrics in the Healthcare System
01:05:22 The Future of Pediatrics: Addressing Challenges and Opportunities
01:10:13 The Role of Politics in Healthcare
01:12:18 The Importance of Advocacy in Pediatrics
01:13:47 The Power of Prevention: Investing in Children's Health
01:15:37 The Future of Healthcare: A Call to Action
01:17:03 Conclusion: The Power of Negotiation in Healthcare

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