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120 How and When to implement change int the pediatric office, Dr. Susan Sirota

January 02, 2024 Dr. George Rogu, MD, MBA and Dr. Herb Bravo Season 2 Episode 45
The Pediatric Lounge, Where Pediatric Physicians Come to Share Their Stories and Success
120 How and When to implement change int the pediatric office, Dr. Susan Sirota
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In the conversation, Dr. Susan Sirota discusses the importance of embracing change and innovation in the pediatric practice. As a partner in Pediatrust, she discusses her successful experiences with technology, which includes point-of-care ultrasound and virtual scribes to enhance efficiency. Dr. Sirota emphasizes implementing changes that streamline operations and improve patient care, physician well-being, and financial stability. The discussion also touches on future technological innovations such as artificial intelligence (AI) and how they could potentially enhance the patient experience and physicians' effectiveness.

01:36 Introduction to Dr. Susan Sirota

02:10 Dr. Sirota's Multifaceted Roles and Use of Technology

02:31 Dr. Sirota's Various Roles in the Medical Field

03:24 Discussion on Revenue Cycle Management

04:01 Dr. Sirota's Personal Life and Interests

04:28 Discussion on Private Equity Companies and Systems

05:17 Challenges of Implementing Change in Pediatric Practice

08:00 The Importance of Adapting to Change

12:05 Strategies for Implementing Change in Pediatric Practice

15:34 Discussion on the Use of Technology in Pediatric Practice

16:33 Challenges of Implementing New Technologies

30:40 The Role of Students in a Pediatric Practice

36:25 Discussion on the Current Public Health Crisis

37:54 The Importance of Integrated Tools in Healthcare

38:07 Challenges of Implementing New Tools in Pediatric Practice

39:10 The Role of Electronic Health Records (EHR) in Patient Care

39:55 The Need for Innovation in EHR Systems

41:18 The Impact of EHR Systems on Physician-Patient Interaction

41:34 The Financial Implications of EHR System Overhaul

42:38 The Potential of AI in Enhancing EHR Systems

44:23 The Benefits of Using a Virtual Scribe in Practice

45:23 The Importance of Business Acumen in Healthcare Practice

46:08 The Role of Revenue Cycle Management in Practice Sustainability

47:05 The Use of Technology in Enhancing Patient Care

48:32 The Challenges and Successes of Implementing New Technologies in Practice

57:21 The Potential of AI in Autism Screening

01:00:13 The Role of Dashboards in Practice Management

01:08:42 The Importance of Coaching and Networking in Practice Management

01:12:57 The Power of Change and Adaptation in Pediatric Practice

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