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If I Betray These Words , Dr. Wendy Dean MD

August 08, 2023 Dr. George Rogu, MD, MBA and Dr. Herb Bravo Season 2 Episode 26
The Pediatric Lounge
If I Betray These Words , Dr. Wendy Dean MD
Show Notes

Dr. Dean, an alum of Smith College and the University of Massachusetts Medical School, trained in surgery and psychiatry at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. 

After practicing for a decade, she worked for the US Army, where she managed regenerative medicine research funding and guided strategy for a $70M investment in the emerging field of hand and face transplants. In that position, and as a senior executive at a large nonprofit in Washington, D.C., she worked closely with both the civilian and military medical communities and many government agencies--BARDA, NIH, WHOSTP, NASA, DARPA--to develop novel strategies to restore form, function, and appearance to ill and injured service members.

Her focus now is finding innovative ways to improve medicine for patients and physicians through my nonprofit and helping new talent and ventures realize their big ideas. Farming, fencing, photography, and riding big, opinionated horses keep her focused outside of work.

Links :

 Physicians aren’t ‘burning out.’ They’re suffering from moral injury 

If I betray these words, the book. 

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