The Pediatric Lounge

Grayson’s Eagle Scout Project

July 25, 2023 Dr. George Rogu, MD, MBA and Dr. Herb Bravo Season 2 Episode 23
The Pediatric Lounge
Grayson’s Eagle Scout Project
Show Notes

Gray was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) five years ago.  While it was a terrifying time for his family, it was a huge help when JDRF provided them with educational materials to guide us through that difficult time. I now want to do the same for other newly diagnosed patients. Gray would like to assemble 100-150 care packages for his Eagle Scout project, including various items my family has found helpful as we've learned to navigate life with T1D. Please donate $9.99

On Grayson’s website, you will find a detailed sheet of the money collected and the expenses. Any funds not used for kits will be donated to the local chapter of JDRF.

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