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Short Scalable Intervention for Mental Health in the Adolescent

July 11, 2023 Dr. George Rogu, MD, MBA and Dr. Herb Bravo Season 2 Episode 19
The Pediatric Lounge
Short Scalable Intervention for Mental Health in the Adolescent
Show Notes

Dr. Jessica Schleider is a clinical psychologist, intervention scientist, and incoming Associate Professor of Medical Social Sciences at Northwestern University. She is the Founding Director of the Lab for Scalable Mental Health and an internationally-recognized leader in research on single-session interventions for youth mental health. Her professional mission is to build and disseminate scalable, evidence-based mental health solutions that bridge previously-unfillable gaps in mental health care ecosystems worldwide.

In support of her research on single-session mental health interventions, Dr. Schleider has secured>$6 million in federal (NIH, NSF, HRSA), foundation, and industry grant funding as PI or Co-I. Dr. Schleider has been recognized via numerous awards, including the NIH Director's Early Independence Award, the ABCT President's New Researcher Award, and the Society for a Science of Clinical Psychology's Susan Nolen-Hoeksema Early Career Research Award. Her work has been featured in media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and The Atlantic, and in 2020 she was chosen as one of Forbes' 30 Under 30 in Healthcare.

Dr. Schleider has published >100 articles and book chapters. She has created or co-created seven open-access, single-session mental health programs, reaching>40,000 teens and adults. Dr. Schleider and her colleagues wrote a self-help workbook, The Growth Mindset Workbook for Teens, based on these programs. She also co-edited the Oxford Guide to Brief and Low-Intensity Interventions for Children and Young People and wrote a nonfiction book, LITTLE TREATMENTS, BIG EFFECTS.

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